Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Gift-Handprint Garden

A couple days ago, I remembered that I had an extra canvas leftover from a 2-pack that I bought around Christmas to make a hand print Christmas tree.  I thought that the canvas would be perfect for the youngest 5 grandchildren (of my husband's parents) to make a hand print garden for Mother's Day for their grandma.  Since they were all together to play this week, I took a few minutes to whip up this beauty!

I used basic acrylic paints (I already had all of the above colors=free!).  I painted their hands and placed them on the canvas.  Then, I painted stems and grass, and at my sister-in-laws suggestion, added names and ages (approximate ages-2 of these little guys have a birthday in a couple weeks!)

If you didn't already have any supplies, this could easily cost you under $5!!!!  What a great Mother's Day gift!



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