Thursday, August 9, 2012


Lately I've been starting to think about the idea that every conversation I have, every person I meet, and everyone I interact with may be of significance.  You know what I mean?  Like, significance beyond the easily ascertained significance (getting directions, asking for my total at the grocery store, etc.).  What if each time I talk to someone, they are getting a glimpse of Jesus for the first time.  Maybe they're having their first human interaction in days.  Maybe they're lonely.  Maybe I can help.

What if the reasons I end up talking to people are not really by my own intentions, but are actually chosen for me by Jesus?  Like yesterday when I knocked on a door to ask about picking fruit from someone's yard and got to talk and pick with an 80ish year old man.  Although I chose to knock on his door, was it really me who originally had the idea?  The only reason I saw his house in the first place is because last week I went to drive around the school and pray for the school and the people there.  His house was over there, and I took notice of his fruit tree.  I think Jesus would totally have stopped to pick fruit and talk with someone!  So will I.  Significance.

Or last week at the grocery store when I got a cart for an older gentleman which led to a 5 minute conversation in the store together...with three kids hanging on me.  His son had just committed suicide.  I got to talk to him.  The kids talked to him.  He loved it.  So did I.  Thank you, Jesus, for that interaction.  Significance.

I'm hoping that by changing my thoughts on the every day, mundane, "it's just life" kinda things, that I will truly begin to see how Jesus loves people.  I will begin to see that nothing is luck, or by chance, or on accident.  That everything points back to Jesus.  That I can be Jesus to those who don't yet know Him.  That Jesus cares about the small things, about loving people, and about making people feel special.  I want to interact with people like he would.

And so, I leave you with that very thought.  What if there is some significance to every person you meet today, and every conversation you have?  Does it change how you think?  Does it change how you will speak?  I know that for me, it sure does.


  1. So true! You affect everyone around you- it's how that is up to you.

  2. Love this Jess, and I really do think like this in fact sometimes I think I scare people with how overly friendly I can be because I think would if? would if this is the only smile or friendly face this person will see today? So important to remember the significance in every interaction that we have.



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