Sunday, October 28, 2012

10 Weeks to an Organized Christmas- Week 3

Welcome to the 10 Weeks to an Organized Christmas series!  If you are joining us for the first time, be sure to check out the first two posts in this series (Week 1, Week 2).

Hopefully you've been able to nail down a budget for each person on your list, as well as have a general idea of what you'd like to get each person.

We still have quite a bit of time until Christmas, so there's no need to run out and do all your shopping yet.  Rather, now that you have an idea of the items, supplies, etc. that you are looking for, you can begin keeping your eyes out for good deals-they are plentiful this time of year!

Still need help organizing your people, lists, and budgets?  I've made a few simple templates that you can download, print, and fill in on your own.  

Today we'll talk about taking inventory of our "stuff":

Take Inventory

This week, we are going to begin taking an inventory of our supplies.  What supplies?  All of them!  You may be wondering why we would consider doing this so early?  Well, like I mentioned before, deals are plentiful at this time of year!  Baking ingredients are often going on sale, and (if you like to use coupons) we tend to see a lot of baking coupons come out this time of year, too.  If you are a notorious baker throughout the month of December (and even November), you may want to know exactly what you have on hand, and exactly what you may be needing throughout those months.  It allows you to watch for sales on the items that you know you're running low on, and helps you avoid those last minute trips to the store for a missing ingredient.  A "last minute/quick trip" to the store in November/December is never a recipe for success...the stores are always jam-packed, and it just adds craziness and stress to your life.

What items should you inventory?

  • Wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, bags, bows, and tags 
  • Saran wrap for baked goods, muffin liners
  • Flours, sugars, spices, etc.
  • Hot Chocolate.  You must never be caught without this in December.
Once you've checked on your supplies, write down a list of anything that you will need by Christmas time.  You can keep your eyes open for sales on those specific items, and you will be able to avoid spending needless money on something that you already have "in stock".

Make a Master Shopping List

Now that you've inventoried your "stuff" and you also have a general idea of gifts that you are wanting to buy/make/etc., I would strongly encourage you to make a Master Shopping List.  This could be handwritten or typed up, but it should contain everything you need to be keeping your eyes open for.  Keep it somewhere easily accessible, such as your purse or car.  That way, if you happen to be shopping and you see something on-sale, you can double check your list to make sure that it's actually something you planned for.  Unnecessary spending can be easily avoided when you know what you actually need.

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