Friday, November 30, 2012

Craft/Gift Idea: DIY Tile Coasters

I have been making these tile coasters for Christmas this year for my neighbors, some family, and some friends.  They are a fantastic Christmas gift because 1) they are handmade, and handmade gifts rock!  2) they are super cheap and make a great frugal option for staying within your Christmas budget  and 3) they are easy to customize for anyone on your gift list!  (As a side note, I made a bunch of these to sell as a fundraiser at the school I teach at in order to get new books...these would make a great craft fair item to sell!)

First, head to home depot and buy 4x4 inch tiles.  They are $.16 each!  So cheap!  

Then, raid your scrapbook or paper supplies, or head to Michael's and buy scrapbook paper.

Measure and cut your paper into 4x4 inch squares.

Now, you are going to use Mod Podge to stick the paper to the tiles.  Don't have Mod Podge?  No problem, make some with good-old school glue and water!  Mix equal parts water and school glue.  I actually did more glue than water, though, as I wanted a thicker consistency.  

Shake vigorously until smooth and well mixed.

Paint a layer of glue onto the tile.  

Place paper on top of the glue.  Place another layer of glue on top of the paper.

Rub your finger over the top to smooth out the paper and ensure that there are no air bubbles under the paper or within the layer of glue.

Allow to dry completely.

Once dry, use a clear coat spray to make your tiles waterproof.  Spray outdoors to avoid inhaling the fumes, and allow to dry completely after you spray.  You can do one or two coats.

Now you will need to cut out little circles from felt.  Hot glue them to the 4 corners of each tile.

Here is what the finished bottom should look like:

That's it!  Not too difficult, right?  Wrap them with a cute ribbon or strings and they are gift-ready!

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