Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tank Top to Bag in 20 Minutes!

The other day my daughters were given a bag of hand-me down clothes.  I used to be opposed to hand-me downs, now I love them!  Anyway, this cute little Hello Kitty tank top was in this particular bag.  My daughter, Zoe, is 3 and loves Hello Kitty, but this shirt would likely have been too small for her to wear next summer.  And so, I turned it into a bag for her for Christmas!  This is seriously one of the easiest little up-cycling projects ever. 

First, find a tank top that is still in good condition.  Turn it inside out, and line up the bottom hem of the shirt.

Sew across the bottom.  Be sure to back-stitch at both the beginning and end of your new seam to ensure that it doesn't come undone:

Turn right side out, and you're done!  See?  Simple, wasn't it?  The tank top straps become the handles, and the bag is nice and lightweight-perfect for a little girl who likes to take her baby dolls everywhere!

You can stop there if you want, but you can also embellish the shirt with ribbons, buttons, flowers, etc. I cut out felt letters to spell "Zoe" and sewed them to the back side of the bag.  

Easy, free, and fun Christmas present in less than 20 minutes!


  1. Super cuteness! I am showing this to my girls!!

  2. It would be a great young person project because there's just a straight line of sewing! It would be fun to do with a plain tank top and embellish it with flowers and other little pretties.



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