Friday, January 11, 2013

What I'm Reading

One of my goals this year is to become a more consistent reader.  My goals include reading at least two books a month for myself, at least one (hopefully two) chapter books aloud to my kiddos, and to read through the Bible twice.  I've been doing really great, and have been enjoying reading again.  Somewhere along the line of "growing up" I stopped being a consistent reader.  As a child, I was a avid reader who was reading full chapter book series' on my own by 1st grade (Boxcar Children, anyone?).  I not only want to kindle that love of reading in myself (no pun intended), but also share that love with my children.  So here goes!

I read a short kindle book called Tell Your Time during the last 2 days of December (I'm including it in this year's book list because I can make my own rules).  It was a quick read, and I found some of the tips and practical insights very helpful.  I'm working on implementing some of these tips into my life now, and am being more purposeful with my time so that I can do more of the things I love.

Today I finished a book called While the World Watched.  This one took me a little longer to get through (I actually started this one in December), but it was good and insightful.  It is the memoir of a Birmingham Bombing Survivor who grew up during the Civil Rights Movement.  I have to say, that sadly I did not know about a lot of the stuff that went on during that time period.  My eyes were certainly opened.  Carolyn (the author) was just a girl when her 4 friends were killed in the bombing.  Carolyn, however, survived.  She loves Jesus, and sheds a light on the road to forgiveness for the men who killed her friends.  She shares tons of historical facts, as well as her own personal interactions with Martin Luther King, Jr. and other influential people.  She even walked in the Dr. King's children's protest!  Very interesting.

Our current bedtime book (both girls) is Stuart Little by E.B. White.  This is a great chapter book for kids, and probably one of my favorites so far for Zoe's age (3) as the chapters are short, the character is a mouse born to people, and the wording is easy to understand.  

Ellie's rest time book is currently Little Clearing in the Woods.  This one takes a little more explaining as it takes place long ago.  Certain concepts are unfamiliar, yet really interesting to Ellie (5), such as why the girls wouldn't normally help with an outside chore or why they would travel by wagon.  Ellie loved Little House on the Prairie.  I love all the questions they prompt in her little mind.  We've been working to accumulate these books and have not read them in order ;)  I actually just got a handful of them for $.50 each at a local used book store.  Yay!

On top of these books, I'm working through The Forgotten Ways in a book study, and Holy Parenting in another mom's book study.  I really like both a lot!

How about you?  Do you like to read?  Want to read more?  Do you have any reading goals this year?  Any great books so far that you've read or are looking forward to reading?  Share below in the comments!  I'd LOVE some book suggestions for my list this year ;)


  1. Right there with you for reading Boxcar Children books as a kid! Also I will have to pick up a copy of WHILE THE WORLD WATCHED. Very much looking forward to it after reading your review here.

    I've spent a couple years away from books (after recovering from English major overdose, then being sucked into the whirlpool called the Internet... click... click... click). But I just starting returning to paper-and-ink books at the end of last year, and I'm excited to continue that trend this year!

    THE HELP was my favorite read of 2012, and I highly recommend it! Currently, I'm finishing up a trilogy in the fantasy genre. Then I hope to tackle THIS ORDINARY LIFE: SETTLING DOWN WITHOUT SETTLING and THREE CUPS OF TEA for some nonfiction goodness!

  2. I have been wanting to put THE HELP on my list. I'm glad you liked it, I will for sure read it this year ;) I love keeping my eyes open for free kindle downloads on Amazon. So many books will be free for a day here or there (that's actually how I got While the World Watched), so I jump on them while they're free and save them for later. If you have a kindle or ipad or even a computer you can download a kindle app and read them, too.

    1. I literally just found out about the Kindle Cloud for computer reading! Awesome! Glad you recommend that approach. I'll have to be on the lookout now for Amazon's free downloads. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I love to read too, but hate getting into a new book, so I always have a long hiatus between books. I started The Help and really like it so far. 3 cups of Tea was a good book, but it was hard for me to get into.

    I have a really long list of books to read, so I won't post them, but I have to recommend The Glass Castle. It is a short but powerful read. Happy Reading! :)



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