Friday, February 22, 2013

Construction Paper Kites

This is such a simple way to have a lot of fun!  All you need to make your own simple kite is a sheet of regular construction paper, a hole punch, a stapler, and some string!  I found this somewhere online last year and it is the greatest.  Seriously easy!  I had my kindergarten class make these today, and they had so much fun running around figuring out the best ways to get their kites high up in the sky.

First, fold your paper in half the fat way.  Next, fold the corners on one side of the kite backwards and staple them to the crease about 2-3 inches back.

Then, just behind your staple spot, punch a hole.  Like this:

Tie a piece of string (we used yarn) through the hole.  Now head outside and run around with that kite!  

We didn't have much wind today, so we really did have to run around a bit to get the kites to catch the wind and go up a bit, but I have done these before in good wind and I was quite impressed at how well they took off!  Enjoy :)

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