Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our Week

Holy smokes.  A whole week has passed since I last blogged.  It's not that I've been too busy to blog, I just haven't had any clue what to post this week.  Hey, it happens.  There have been plenty of fun times  this week, and LOTS of ideas and questions and conversations and planning floating around in my head.

Last Saturday morning started at 6:00am, because that's just how we roll in our house.  We left our house by 8am, stopped by our donut shop for our Saturday morning goodies, and started the drive to good old Carson City.  We were so ahead of schedule (we were on our way to a meeting) that we were able to stop at a coffee shop owned by a family I have known for just about forever.  While our kids kept us busy chasing them around the shop, we had about 45 minutes to chat with this older-than-us couple about all sorts of things-from pastoring a church (they, too, are pastors) to soccer (he was my soccer coach all through high school) to homeschooling (which we are planning to do, and they have done).  It was so fun and inspiring to hear their stories of life.

Then we headed to Ben's parent's church for our monthly district pastor's meeting.  Jerry Cook was the guest speaker.  If you've never heard of Jerry or read his books, you are very much so missing out.  Two of his amazing books are Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness:


I suggest you read both.  The Monday Morning Church was a book that helped shape our idea of what church would look like for us as we started a new "church" in South Reno.  We had read it before, but it wasn't until our paradigm of church shifted that the book took on a whole new meaning for us.  Regardless of your thoughts on church, though, it is a great book for anyone who loves Jesus to read.  

We got some one-on-one time with Jerry on Sunday, in which he expressed his excitement for what Ben and I are doing in South Reno, as well as challenged us and encouraged us to keep pursuing what this thing called "church" will look like for us. 

We've had people in our home for dinner almost every night this week (this we love-and all you introverts can gasp now at the fact that we love it).  

We are now back to the weekend, and we have different people scheduled to come over for lunch, dinner, breakfast, and then dessert.  It's times like this last week where I know God planned for us two extroverts to live life together.  I'm thankful that my husband enjoys hosting as much as I do.  

I've also been working (and almost completed) the outline for my first live-online class.  I'll post more details in the weeks to come, but this first pilot class I will be teaching will be about how to use menu planning to reduce your monthly grocery bill.  We will be discussing the basics of menu planning, as well as touch on the topics of using freezer cooking and stockpiling to aid in your menu planning.  I will also be allowing for some Q & A time.  Leave me a comment if this is something you might be interested in!  If I have a good response to the pilot class on menu planning, I will be offering a handful of classes in the months to follow.  I'm super excited about it; I hope some of you are, too!

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  1. Woohoo. Exciting friend! We are so busy with stuff. Most of it is super fun and family and good times, but some of it could go and I would not miss it. We are planning a surprise party for Elijah and Layla Grace. That's this week. Plus guitar. Plus work stuff one night this week. Is it ok that I want to go to sleep at 6?



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