Saturday, February 2, 2013

Homemade Candy Conversation Hearts

Ah, I love February.  I really do.  Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.  I love the red, pink, and white.  I love making "mailboxes" with my kiddos and my students, and I love all the heart shaped treats and cards.  I just love it.

As a kid, my dad always bought me and my sister each a box of candy conversation hearts on Valentine's Day.  Super simple, but I loved it.  They are one of my favorite candies.

This is a recipe that I posted last year, but seriously, if you haven't tried to make your own candy conversation hearts before, you are missing out!  They are soooo good, and even better than the store-bought ones.  Side note: did anyone notice that one of the main candy heart makers changed some of their flavors last year?  It was odd.  I can't remember which brand it was though, as I'm an equal opportunity candy eater and try them all.

Read through the recipe before you do it.  You will need to let them dry for 24 hours, so you'll want to start them the day before you can eat them.  And don't forget the food safe markers so you can write cute sayings on them!

Head HERE to get the recipe for my homemade candy conversation hearts!

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