Saturday, February 16, 2013

Puzzle Organization

I loooove the Dollar Store for easy and frugal organization/storage supplies!  Ellie (5) really enjoys doing puzzles.  The only problem is that when they are kept in their boxes in our games closet, she rarely, if ever, plays with them because she is dependent upon me being able to and get them for her.

Since buying these zipper pouches two weeks ago, Ellie has done several puzzles EVERY day!  She knows where to find them, how to put them together, and how they get stored when she's done.  She is able to do it all on her own, which makes it more feasible to complete them as she doesn't have to wait for me to get a puzzle box down for her.  

We cut out the picture of the puzzle for her and store it with the pieces, and we looped all of the pouches together using string.  Sure, buying a pouch makes a $1 puzzle cost $2 instead, but she actually uses them which makes them finally worth the money!  

Now, instead of having a bunch of puzzles sitting in my closet, I have a 5 year old who does a puzzle a day!  Totally worth it!

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