Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Hat Craft

These little hats are really simple to make and your child will have an opportunity to work on her fine motor skills.  

What you'll need:

1 sheet of construction paper cut in half lengthwise
1 sheet of construction paper cut lengthwise into 1 inch strips
1 sheet of paper cut into small heart shapes (older kids could make the hearts on their own)
Tape and glue
Stickers, markers, or other decorative supplies

What to do:

Take the two thick pieces of paper and tape them together on one end.  Lay it flat and allow your child to decorate it.  Once done and dry, tape the other ends together around your child's head to form the hat part.

Next, demonstrate to your child how to "zig-zag" or "back and forth" fold the 1 inch strips of paper.  Let your child do this to a handful of the 1 inch strips.

Let your child tape or glue the hearts to the ends of the zig zag strips, and then tape the other ends to the inside of the hat so that they hang down.  

Pretty simple, huh?  I've done these for years with my preschool kids for years, and they always love the zig zag strips.  You can keep them simple with just paper, or fancy them up with glue and glitter or fun V-Day stickers.

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