Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beans Sensory Tub

See that little boy there?  That really cute, big headed, blonde one?  Yeah, he loves to play with beans.  Like, really, really, likes to play with them.  This Dollar Store lidded tub is filled with pinto beans, spoons, bowls, and measuring cups.  He walks me to our school closet at least twice a day saying "beeeean!  beeean!"  He loves it.  Do they stay in the tub?  Nope.  Never.  But that's okay with me.  

Sensory tubs are so easy to make.  I've posted before about our Cloud Dough sensory tub, which doesn't make an appearance as often as the beans as it requires much more clean up from me.  This one is filled with about 2 lbs worth of pinto beans (though I'm betting there's much less than that now!).  We simply have objects for math skills in there right now-scoops, measuring cups, bowls, etc.  He has no idea that he's learning, and of course he's just scratching the surface of many math concepts, but nonetheless, he is learning.  

My sister in law has a larger tub at her house.  She changes out the tub with different themes.  Last time I was at her house she had bought bugs, snakes, rocks, etc from the Dollar Store for her tub, and she kept matching books in there, too.  So much fun! 

Sensory tubs can be filled with all sorts of things: flour, rice, beans, sand, rocks, dry noodles, sticks, etc.    Find something fun, stick it in tub, and watch your kids learn while playing!

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