Friday, March 22, 2013

Jesus StoryBook Bible on Kindle Only $1.99 Today

Ohhh!  Today on Amazon, the Kindle version of the Jesus Storybook Bible is only $1.99!  The Kindle version is usually $16.99, so this is quite a steal!

I wholeheartedly believe that this is THE best children's Bible out there.  My children have it and love it.  Every story, even old testament ones, "whisper His name".  They all tie to our Savior- why we would need a Savior, what He would do, etc.  My kids have the deluxe version with the read-aloud cd's (which are really well done, by the way; not your typical boring book reading on cd). 

I love that this Bible has some in depth details about the stories found in the Bible, and that it's not as basic as most other kids Bible's.  And, the pictures are absolutely amazing!  

Anywho, if you have been looking for a great kids Bible, I highly recommend this one!  

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