Monday, March 25, 2013

Re-purposing old jars into spice containers

In December, Ben brought home 4 boxes of empty jars from work.  Each box had twelve tall jars.  They were the perfect size for spice jars.  And since I love everything to be uniform, I quickly turned them into my new spice containers.

I soaked the jars in warm soapy water to easily remove the wrap and glue from around the sides of the jars.

Then I took the lids outside and sprayed them with a brown spray paint.  I did two coats to make sure everything was covered (though I did still miss some spots :/ ).  Once dry, I used a clear-coat spray paint to seal the lids.  

Once the paint was dry on the lids, I began to transfer all my different spices into these new containers. I just used a sharpie to label the jars.  I LOVE looking into my nice and (mostly) orderly spice cabinet now!

Since I already had the paints from another project, this project was totally free for me!  The only thing, though, when re-purposing jars like this, is that there is no "shaker" option from the top.  I don't mind, but if you prefer to be able to shake your spice jars directly, this may not be the best DIY project for you.

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