Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The 5 Love Languages of Children


 Back when we were first married, Ben and I read a book called The Five Love Languages.  I really, truly believe that it was one of the best and most helpful "things" that we did for our marriage.  The book provide so many "aha!" moments for both of us, and so many insights into each others lives.

The book is written by Gary Chapman.  Basically, he breaks down the five "love languages".  Basically, every person speaks love primarily in one "language", and thus, they also best receive love in that language, as well.  The 5 love languages are 1) acts of service 2) gifts 3) words of affirmation 4) quality time and 5) physical touch.

Once I learned that Ben was an acts of service, I intentionally began to thank him (he's also a words) and "receive love" when he did stuff around the house (I am not an acts of service, and I always just expected that we'd both clean.  I never really thanked him, which was hard for him since it was how he often expressed love).  He, in turn, learned that I was a "gifts" and started to give me gifts on my birthday or Christmas (just try and imagine those first holidays together where he didn't give me anything-ha!  They didn't end so well!).  Over the years, we've gotten better at expressing love to each other in the language that we each best understand.  Then we had kids.

Kids.  They always make things a little crazy!  There's another book called the Five Love Languages of Children.  I've read the first two chapters and had a hard time putting it down.  It is soooo good and I already feel like I'm having some insights into my children's love languages.

Starting in April (which is just next week...APRIL!  Crazy.), I am getting together with a group of mommas in my area to study this book together (over coffee, of course).  If you didn't personally receive and invite from me and you live near me and would like more info, please leave your email or phone in the comments section and I'll get back to you!

BUT, I thought it would be fun if we continued the conversation on here!  So, whether you're in my area and can't come to the book study, or you live in another city or state, get a copy of that book!  You won't regret it!  I'll be posting each Tuesday a little about what we discussed Monday night together, and I'd LOVE to hear what you are processing through as you read it.  We'll just have a little online conversation in the comments section :)  You can get the book on Amazon HERE.  I bought mine on Kindle so I could get it faster!  And, also, if you have other mom friends who'd be interested, either share this post on Facebook or send them the link to this post to get the details!



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