Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turning Winter PJ's into Summer PJ's

I like to be frugal.  Not cheap, but frugal.  I like to save money where I can, and I like finding creative ways to do it.  

It's been warming up here this past week, and my little guy gets SO hot in pants or long sleeve PJ's (he's definitely got that warm-blooded male thing going on).  He's been sleeping with his fan on, but really needed some warm-weather jammies.  The problem with that is A) He only has a couple pairs and B) I have no budget to go and buy new ones.  The ones we have already are hand-me-downs anyway!  

So, I went through both Aaron's drawer and the girls' drawer and pulled out all the PJ's that I didn't feel the need to save for baby #4 (either too worn or not particularly a favorite), but still fit size-wise, and I got to work with my sewing machine!

I didn't take pictures as I did this, but it is a very easy project!  I simply measured and cut the sleeves and pant legs to about 1/2" longer than I wanted them (the extra 1/2 inch is to allow for a seam).  Flip the clothes inside out, fold for a hem by making two small folds to hide any exposed edges, and sew around with a straight stitch.  That's it!  New summer PJ's!  

I did this with several of the girls outfits and several of Aaron's.  The fire truck jammies pictured above are some that I re-did for him (both pants and shirt).

Have you had any frugal feats this week?  What have you done to save some money?

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