Thursday, June 6, 2013

Birthday Door Way Surprise

My son and nephew have birthdays just 1 day apart.  They almost had the same birthday, except the hospital sent me home saying I wasn't actually in active labor yet (hmph...note to doctors: moms who have to have a csection should not be required to spend so many hours in active labor first...totally not fair).  Moving on...

For my nephew's birthday, she hung balloons from his doorway as a wake-up surprise.  The balloons were quickly popped and so she replaced them with these cute tissue paper puffs.  

I LOVE this idea!  Whether with balloons, tissue paper puffs, streamers, ribbons, etc., I think this would be such a fun surprise for a little one to wake up to on their birthday morning!  

What special surprises have you done for your kiddos birthday's?  

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