Wednesday, June 5, 2013

End of the Year Teacher Gift (a Sweet but Frugal Option)

If you are a kindergarten teacher, or have a child in kindergarten, you have probably seen, heard of, or read the Miss Bindergarten books.  They are so fun!  This gift stems from the Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten book.  This end of the year gift is primarily for teachers to give to students, but it can really be done for anyone, from anyone, and at any time when you may be leaving or loosing children from your group.  It's super sweet and so inexpensive, so even if you need to make a lot of them (as so many teachers do), you will not be out on much cashola.

What You'll Need:

Circle-shaped tulle (you can find it at the Dollar Store or Michael's)
Pipe Cleaner (also can be found at the Dollar Store or Michael's)
Hershey Kisses
Colored Paper for printing tags
Hole Punch

The Poem

The Poem is pictured above, and should be printed on your colored paper of choice.  It reads:

"Here's a little gift for you,
a penny and a kiss.
The penny for success to come,
the kiss that you'll be missed."

In the corner of each tag, use a hole punch to make a hole.  

To Assemble:

Place the penny and the Hershey kiss in the middle of the tulle circle.
Loop the pipe cleaner through the hole in the paper, twist it gently around the tulle just above the kiss (see above pic), and twist again on the other side of the tulle to make it secure.
Twirl the remaining pipe cleaners around your finger or a pencil.

A sweet and inexpensive gift for teachers to give their students at the end of the year!

Thanks, Jenny!

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