Sunday, June 23, 2013

Half Way There!

I probably shouldn't have taken a picture wearing a white shirt against a white wall because it makes it really hard to see the actual bump ;)  Nonetheless, there is my 20 week bump!  We are getting closer to baby #4!  

This morning, while Ben was at the gym, I re-fashioned these shorts from old maternity pants that I didn't really like, and the pink over shirt from a long sleeved maternity shirt that really didn't fit my belly anymore.  Hey, it's our last baby!  Might as well turn those outgrown maternity items into something I can wear one last time!  

The shorts were a simple cut, double fold, and stitch for the hem.  The shirt was made by cutting and re-hemming the sleeves, cutting the shirt down the middle and hemming, and adding light pink ribbons for tying the shirt just above my belly.  Super simple and super cute...and FREE!  I love being stylish and frugal ;)


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