Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Make a "Special Papers Binder" to Save Your Children's Stuff

I realized the other day that I had this huge pile of papers from the kids that were special and couldn't be thrown away, but were just laying around in a huge messy stack.  I really don't save a ton of papers from my kids, but there are still those really special ones that you just have to save....first time writing their name on their own, handprint pictures, crafts they were particularly proud of, etc.  But what do you do with all of them (besides the obvious stacking them in a massive, messy pile)?

Create a long-lasting "Special Papers Binder" for your kiddos!

All you will need:
*A binder (I used a 3 inch one, but if you have tons of papers, you may need one per child)
*Dividers (if you are putting all your kids' stuff into a single binder like I did)
*Sheet Protectors (Can get these at the Dollar Store)
*A 3 hold punch

You really have a couple options in putting this binder together.  I used a single binder (though some day I may need to create a binder for each child), and sorted the kids stuff by inserting simple dividers.  Then, you can either choose to place papers in sheet protectors or just use a 3 hole punch and stick them right in the binder.  

If you have papers that are laminated, thick, or durable, you can probably get away with just hole punching the paper and inserting it into the binder.

If you are dealing with small pieces of paper, flimsy paper, or items that are fragile or could fall apart/tear easily, it's a good idea to use a sheet protector.  

Doing something so simple will allow you to easily file special pictures away while keeping them organized, and free from cluttering your house.  

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