Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekly Menu

What's on your dinner menu this week?  I am utilizing lots of my crock pot freezer meals, which reduces my cooking and planning time by A LOT this week!  Yipee for me!

Although it's already Tuesday, here is our dinner plan:

1. Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Oven-Baked Mixed Potatoes
(Pulled pork is already cooked and in the freezer)

2. Chicken Tortilla Soup topped with Trader Joe's Black Bean & Quinoa Chips (yum!)
(Soup is in the freezer from a previous crock pot freezer cooking session)

3. Teriyaki Chicken with brown rice
(freezer crock pot meal)

(Inside stuffing is in freezer)

5. Homemade Pizza

6. Spaghetti with steamed carrots and broccoli

7. Leftovers night

When I menu plan, I do not typically assign days to my meals.  What if I don't feel like spaghetti on a Tuesday night?  Easy...just switch it!  When we get to a night where there are all sorts of leftovers in the fridge, I forego the cooking (minus maybe some veggies or a salad) and we use up all the leftovers in our fridge.

I also scored a brand-new, in box bread maker at Goodwill this week for $20!!!  It's usually $70, so I really scored!  We used it to make cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast this morning.  We are also going to use the brand new ice cream maker that I also scored at Goodwill (for just $8) to make ice cream for dessert one night this week.  We will be incorporating it into one of our school math activities. 

What fun meals are on your menu this week? 


  1. I like to pick a cook of the week and use a few of his/her recipes. This week it's the pioneer woman. Corn chowder, skillet chicken lasagna, grilled chicken legs and rice with veggies, and some other deliciousness.

    1. What a fun idea! I'm pretty boring...but it's easy and saves me time and it's recipes that everyone in my house loves, which is good. Maybe someday when I'm feeling adventurous, I will try out your cook of the week idea!



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