Monday, August 26, 2013

Hungry Alligator (Greater/Less Than Math)

Today's math lesson started with a craft.  We made Hungry Alligators to help teach the math concept of greater than & less than.  Both my preschooler and my 1st grader did this activity.  

I basically cut out a green letter "v" for each girl, and then white triangles for teeth.  The girls just did the gluing in this project (next time I'd have them cut it out, too).  Using a glue stick, have your kids glue the teeth on to the "v" shape.  That's it:

Now that you have your Hungry Alligator, you can use it to teach greater than/less than.  I explain to the kids: "Alligators are really hungry and they like to eat the biggest meal possible.  They are always looking for the biggest number to fulfill their appetite!"

While my little one used number cards 1-5, my older child used a mix of numbers from 1-50 (I simply made small cards out of construction paper with a mix of numbers for my 1st grader).

Then, they practice "eating" the bigger number.  Super simple and makes it fun!

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