Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ways to Use Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers are great for more than just shoes!  Hang them over various doors in your home to store items like craft supplies, spices, herbs, ribbons, scrapbook supplies, and more.  It's such a frugal and easy way to utilize the backs of doors to organize your home.

Do you have a creative and/or frugal organization idea?  Send it to me along with a picture!  I'd love to feature it on Mothering with Creativity!  Click on the "contact me" tab up top and send me a picture, a description, and your name.


  1. I use mine for our water bottles and lids. So handy!

  2. In the bathroom, these pockets are ideal for holding toiletries, hair products, -useful in roommates, large families, and common bathroom homes. Shoe Shelf

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