Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Freezer Cooking for a New Baby #1

I have about 1 month left until baby #4 arrives.  I am planning to use these next couple weeks to freezer cook for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  That way, when baby comes and I'm recovering from my c-section, I will have plenty of yummy foods to feed my family with very little effort.  

I am planning to post my freezer cooking days here with all of you.  If you've never tried freezer cooking before, I encourage you to give it a try.  Even on a small scale, I have found freezer cooking to save me a lot of time and money.  One of the most popular posts on my blog is about how I did 29 freezer crock pot meals for under $135 in just a few hours.  Quick, easy, and frugal dinners are perfect for any new mom.  

Here's what I did today:

#1: Biscuits

This is a new recipe for us.  I love that it is only 5 ingredients, and that they are, of course, freezer friendly.  I got the recipe from Money Saving Mom, one of my all-time favorite blogger ladies.  She is a huge fan of freezer-friendly recipes, and I'm guessing I'll end up using several more of her recipes over the next few weeks.

My little helpers gathered around our new kitchen island with me to help prepare these biscuits.  I can't wait to try them out.  Chances are, they'll be gone soon and I'll have to make more for after the baby arrives :)  We love biscuits with honey or jelly!

#2: Brown Rice

Brown rice is really easy to freeze, and super helpful since I always forget to make it until the last minute.  Since brown rice takes about 40 minutes to cook, that usually means we go rice-less.  Instead, I cook up a big batch of rice all at once, portion it out, and freeze it flat.

When I need rice for dinner, I run the ziploc bag through warm water to defrost it a bit.  Then, I dump the rice into a bowl, add a tsp or two of water, and defrost (if it's still frozen) and then heat it up in the microwave.  So easy!

#3: Kidney Beans

It is so much cheaper to soak and cook your own beans at home.  It saves a lot of money, but I don't always have time to actually cook the beans when I need them.  So...I cook them up in big batches, and freeze them in 2 cup portions (the same amount as in one can of store bought beans).  Today I did a big batch of kidney beans (actually, they are still finishing up).  Kidney beans are my favorite kind of bean!

In the not-freezer-cooking department, we baked cranberry pumpkin oat muffins today, as well as a loaf of cinnamon bread in our bread machine.

What have you been cooking up today?  

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