Friday, October 11, 2013

Paint, Calf Muscles, and a Super Hot Husband

Look at those calf muscles...See?
(Ben at the Zoo with our son Aaron)

I love my husband.  He is truly awesome and amazing and has some oh-so-very-hot-calf muscles (see above photo reference).  We've been married nearly 9 years, which seems like a lot.  We have (almost) 4 kids, which definitely is a lot.  

And somehow, after all these years, one of the hottest things he does is play with the kids.  I came home the other day and he had let the kids paint rocks and sticks at the kitchen table.  MY HUSBAND ALLOWED THE KIDS TO PAINT ROCKS INSIDE.  Yes.  That is deserving of all capitalized, shouting text.  My husband loves clean.  Hates dirty.  Loves crayons.  Hates paint.  Likes outdoor stuff...outside.  And hates outside "treasures" being brought inside.  

And yet the kids had painted outside stuff, inside at the kitchen table.  And they were happy.  And he was calm.   

Let me tell you, this kind of thing is one of the hottest things that my husband does.  I mean, there are certainly other things that I love about him, lots of other things, but allowing the kids to paint at the table most definitely took the cake that day.  

It seems so small and trivial.  Paint.  But it is really so much bigger and more meaningful than just paint.  It reminds me that I married a kind, caring, and sweet man.  A man who loves our kids with his whole heart.  A man who chooses to provide joyful opportunities for our children even though the messes may damage the just-cleaned kitchen.  A man who chooses life and fulness and joy for our children.  

I certainly married the right man.   

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