Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jell-O Sensory Play

Jell-O is one of those really great sensory accessories...smell, taste, texture, and it's changing state (liquid to a jiggly solid) make it perfect for sensory play and experimentation (we did Jell-O Volcanos last week).

This week, my kids were each in charge of preparing a different color Jell-O in a tub.   They smelled each powder before adding water, and they tasted each liquid flavor before putting them in the fridge.

In the afternoon, we took the firm Jell-Os out of the fridge.  They again got to taste a little of each flavor and pick their favorite.  Then came the real fun...walking in it!

The kids each took a turn walking through the different Jell-O tubs and describing how it felt on their feet.  The final tub was one filled with water to wash off their feet.  

Once they all had a chance to walk through Jell-O tubs, I let them play in the tubs with their hands.  They played with those Jell-O tubs for 25 minutes!  

This was a perfect time to experiment, too.  What happens when you mix the blue and red Jell-O together?  What happens to the texture/consistency of the Jell-O after it's been played with for a while?  How does it feel on your hands?  Does it change the color of your hands at all?  

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