Friday, December 6, 2013

Salt Snowmen: Craft for the Book "Snowmen at Night"

Have you ever read "Snowmen at Night?"  It is an absolutely adorable, funny, and creative book!  If you've ever wondered why your snowmen look a little smaller or different or meltier the next day, this book has the answers for you!  My oldest loves hunting for the hidden shapes throughout the pages in the book.

I really like to have a craft or activity to go with the books we read at home.  For this book, we made salt snowmen on black paper to represent the snowmen at night that they read about in the book.

You will need:
White crayons
Black paper
School glue (drip)

Using your white crayons draw a snowman.  Your children can get creative and draw the snowman doing something fun in the night, just like in the book.  This is also a great way to reinforce "circles" and basic counting (3 circles make a snowman) with little guys.

Using drip glue, spread it all throughout the snowman's body.  

Sprinkle salt all over the glue and allow it to dry.  The end results are so cute, don't you think?

My girls also used a small hole punch to punch out 3 dots from their black paper.  Before sprinkling salt, they stuck their dots to the snowman's belly for buttons.

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