Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Shape Lace & Trace

These Christmas themed lace & trace cards are super easy to make!  

2 Ways to Make:

*Cut out shapes on construction paper.  Decorate if desired.  Laminate (I have this laminator).  Punch holes.  


*Use old cereal boxes to cut out Christmas themed shapes.  Punch holes.

How to Use:

Lace and trace cards can be used to... 

1) lace with string (any string works)
2) Trace around the outside onto a sheet of paper

If your child traces the shapes, she can then decorate her page with markers, crayons, pompoms, ribbons, etc.

Older children can try to lace different patterns around the card such as up and down lacing or lacing around the outer edges of the cards.

These cards are great for fine motor skills practice!

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