Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Planning for Disney...and a FREE Planning DVD

Ben and I started planning this years' Disney trip last week.  I am SO excited.  We aim to go every other year.  It's definitely getting more expensive as our kids get older (and Disney raised their ticket prices quite a bit this year, AND 3 year olds now have to pay...I'm fairly sure they used to be free, right?), and I'm starting to think about how we'll make it work this year.

Anyway.  Now that the planning has started, I am working on a financial and savings plan of attack, Ben is checking out various hotels (other than our go-to: Embassy Suites Anaheim South), Ellie is stalking pictures of princesses on the internet, and all the kids are constantly wondering if they'll be tall enough to go on all the rides.  

I grab every flyer and vacation packet that has anything to do with Disney, and Ben has been checking at the Costco counter to see if they are going to get discount tickets in again this year (those saved us A LOT of money last time).  This FREE Disney Vacation Planning DVD was perfect timing!  You can click on the picture above to get your own free DVD.

Here are two posts I've done on saving money at Disney:

How to Save at Disney
Disneyland on a Dime

I'm sure I'll be doing another one this year as we plan this year's trip with all FOUR of our kids.  THAT is going to be ca-ray-zee!

Are you planning a Disney trip this year?  Do you have any Disney tips to share?

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