Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We Have Chickens!

After a couple months of stalking Craigslist, we finally have chickens!  This makes me (and my children) incredibly happy.  My husband is still getting used to them, and is slowly recovering from childhood trauma at the hands of their family's rooster.

We have four of them, and they are 2 months old.  They will begin to lay eggs around 5 months (though I found a small egg in the yard the other day...the verdict is still out on who-or what-it came from).   The kids took all of 30 seconds after getting them home to name them.  We have Poom Poom, Dorothy, Flower, and Zebra.  I must admit, I wasn't expecting the amazing personalities that they each have.  They are so fun.

The other day, we went outside and realized that Dorothy somehow go the impression it was okay to be on our patio table.

Within a minute, she had plopped herself down on the table, and Zebra had jumped up to join her (Zebra is TOTALLY the naughty one of the bunch).

Flower followed suit, hopping up onto the chair.  My good girl, Poom Poom (name compliments of my 3 year old son), stayed on the ground, where they're SUPPOSED to be.  Silly chickens.

We've had them for a couple weeks now.  I still think they're great.  They do poop everywhere, though, so we have new "check your shoes" rules at our house.  The kids enjoy them, the dog does not.  In fact, the dog-chicken issue is my only complaint thus far.  We can't let them out together, but hopefully someday we will be able to do that.  They are incredibly easy to care for, and are doing a great job at eating the weeds in my backyard.  They have yet to discover my garden box on the side of the house (this is good news), and for some reason, they love the patio.  

If you are considering chickens for a pet, my vote (as of now, only having had them for a couple weeks) is YES!  

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