Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Maxi Skirts for Kids

I recently fell in love with the Maxi Skirt.  Well, actually I fell in love with them last year, but I never bought or made myself one until this summer.  I bought my first one, and then debated over how many days in a row was too many to wear it.  Turns out the answer is 4.  

I remembered pinning some maxi skirt tutorials on good ol' Pinterest, so I hunted them down, and then ordered some fabric.  

Jersey knit fabric can be quite pricey at the store, and I am quite frugal.  I kept hearing about this magical online fabric store called Girl Charlee.  Let me tell you, it is indeed magical.  I bought 2 yards each of purple and yellow chevron jersey knits.  Each set of 2 yards was enough to make 1 skirt for me, and 1 skirt for my girls.  The fabric was $6/yard.  So, I spent $25ish for 2 skirts for me (a long and a knee length) and 2 skirts for my girls (a long and a knee length).  We have enough of the yellow left over to make some American Girl doll skirts, too.  I will say, though, that the quality of fabric is not as nice as the one I bought from Maurices (which cost me $30).  BUT, for the price (which was a fraction of the cost), I personally think it was totally worth it, and I will be buying more soon.

I followed the tutorial HERE for the skirts.  I followed the same instructions for my girls skirts, with smaller measurements.  I found that while the figures for the waist for a grown up (measure your waist, divide by 2, add 1) were about perfect for me, it was not for my girls.  I ended up taking them both in at least an inch...not too difficult, just fold the top band back out, zig zag stitch it tighter, and then fold it over won't even notice it when they are wearing it.  I reduced the thickness of the waist to 10" on the girls skirts.  For the shorter skirts, I followed the same directions, simply reducing the length of the skirt.  

Aren't they the cutest little maxi skirt models ever?



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