Saturday, June 4, 2016

I Tried Rodan & Fields...Two Weeks Later

Ever since I had my Aaron (now 5 years old!), my skin has been different.  My lovely, young, never needing make-up skin suddenly became red, and hormonal changes throughout the month often produced lots of lovely break-outs.  After visiting the dermatologist a couple times and trying out some various topical medicines, it did improve, but it has never fully recovered.  Plus, those medications were EXPENSIVE on top of an already expensive office visit ($100 visit fee plus a $120 medicine = $220; plus I still needed to buy new face lotion and SPF at the recommendation of the dermatologist).

I've had my eyes on Rodan and Fields products for a couple years now.  The regular posts that pop up in my Facebook newsfeed showing before & afters for the use the product have become more and more persuasive.  I would see women with redness just like mine who showed drastic improvements, and I kept thinking, "I wonder if it'd work for me?"  If they worked for me in the same way, the price tag would definitely be worth it!  BUT, practically speaking, we just bought a house, have a lot of household projects with high priority, and my business had a lot of recent fees (my website renewal, state & city business licenses, etc.).  Rodan and Fields was ON my list, but it just (sadly) wasn't at the top of my list (yet).

My friend Cassie tried the products, fell in love, and became a consultant (cue even more amazing before & afters popping up in my newsfeed).  She asked if I'd be interested in a trade...and I said YES!  I figured that if the products really worked, that I would want to tell all of YOU about it anyway, so this was a perfect little swap.

Cassie asked me a bunch of questions, and after some back and forth, she helped me pick out the product line to best meet my needs.  She chose for me the SOOTHE regimen, which has 4 components: Cleanser, Toner, Treatment, and SPF (Yay for never forgetting sunscreen on my face again!), and is perfect for the redness that I so often experience.  She also paired this regimen with the UNBLEMISH wash, which would help deal with my breakouts and such.

For someone who HATES washing her face, this is seriously SO easy.  I keep my UNBLEMISH wash in the shower for the mornings.  When I hop out, my 4 part SOOTHE regimen is quick and easy to excuses anymore!  I repeat the SOOTHE at night again, minus the SPF.

I've been documenting it all in pictures.  I'll be certain to give you some before/afters down the line, as well, but I am SO excited about my results after just 2 weeks, that I needed to share today!

Here's one of my most difficult spots on my face (my chin) after just 2 weeks of use.

These results are already telling me it's worth it!  Considering one trip to my dermatologist = $220, plus the cost of a good face lotion and SPF per her recommendation, the $144 fee for the SOOTHE regimen as a preferred customer is a WAY better deal covering ALL of my needs.  AND, it should last for 60 days.  Isn't that amazing?!?!

If you have used R&F, I would LOVE to see your before/afters!  Be sure to post them in the comments!   If you don't have your own before/afters but want to join me in a skincare revolution (or just ask more questions), please contact my friend Cassie through her website here:   She's my super awesome high school soccer buddy and a momma to three littles herself!

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