Thursday, December 6, 2018

Outschool: Our New Favorite Homeschool Supplement

I posted last week on the new Instagram page (@motheringwithcreativity) a picture of my 9-year old finishing her first Outschool class. She did a canvas art painting class, absolutely loved it, and has been begging to do another one ever since. Now that we have just completed our 5th class, I figured I'd share a little about it because I LOOOOOVE it so much (we've now done art, chemistry, animal classifications, and car engines).

Today, my 7 year old took a course on the basics of car/truck engines.  This little one is currently my most difficult child to homeschool. He is so hands on, doesn't particularly love reading, and loves anything engineering related...something with which I am relatively unfamiliar. I was FLOORED when he finished his hour long course and came out to explain the purpose and function of the four different cylinders in a car engine. WHAT?!?! I honestly wasn't sure whether or not he'd leave that hour of sitting/listening to this teacher speak and love or hate it, so this was a complete surprise. He can't EVER sit still, and yet he sat, listened, and understood a subject that, to him, was the coolest ever.

I am so sold on Outschool. There are an abundance of classes offered, and many different teachers to learn from. The cost is (in my opinion) very reasonable, and there is a good mix of one-time classes, month long classes, and semester classes.

I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out and browse the classes that are offered. My goals in using Outschool are:

1) Give my children a little something outside of our usual school routine.
2) Allow my children to explore their interests with someone who is more knowledgable than I.
3) Allow me to have a little bit of time where one or two children are occupied and I can more specifically work on school with the others.
4) Science. I'm not great at it and I don't love it. I'm always looking for fun people to teach my children science!

While many of the classes are during the day, there are also evening and weekend classes, meaning non-homeschoolers can certainly take advantage of these classes, too!

Have you tried Outschool? What were your thoughts? Any favorite classes?

If you are interested in trying out a class, use THIS LINK to get $20 towards your first class (and I will get $20 too!)!  Let me know what you try!


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