Sunday, June 7, 2020

Working From Home: Teaching on Outschool

A year and a half ago, I shared with you all about my new favorite homeschool resource, Outschool. At the time, it was primarily for homeschoolers. As a teacher, I've always wanted to explore teaching on that platform. Buuuuut, it always came back to that magic word: time. I just didn't have any extra time to explore an entirely new platform and method of teaching. In rolled the quarantine. Which, despite all the obvious negatives, had some major blessings. More family time. Knocking out house projects. Finishing up an ebook I wrote but never published. Trying my hand at Outschool.

So a couple weeks ago, I decided to apply to Outschool. I was accepted and got right to work. It is an independent contractor job, so once you are accepted and your classes are approved, you are entirely in control of what you teach, when you teach, and how much you charge. My only regret is not jumping in sooner.

Outschool has experienced a MAJOR influx of students due to schools across the world shutting down (it's an international platform), and although they hired tons of teachers, the demand is still causing classes to fill well, especially the fun ones!

I initially scheduled a handful of little ninjas classes-playful martial arts classes for young kids, and figured I'd just see what happened. My first week, I fully booked all 5 classes. My second and third week were the same. I've now taught 17 classes, all of which were full or almost full (I offer more than just the ninjas classes). I am in love! I love teaching anyway, but this is just so fun! And, I can do it from my own home while my kids are playing downstairs.

Along with ninjas classes, I've been teaching some entrepreneurial classes, kitchen classes, and even some on budgeting. There are endless possibilities. I've had a few classes that were "flops", but overall, I'm finding good success.

If you are someone who loves teaching or has a passion for sharing what you love, I highly recommend Outschool! I'm doing something I love, making great money, AND I get to be at home with my kids nearby.


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