Friday, October 14, 2011

10 Things to do with the Leaves in Your Backyard

Are your leaves starting to change colors?  Are they starting to cover your backyard?  We have 10 fruit trees and 2 other mature trees in our yard, and there are A LOT of leaves.  Most of them are still up in the trees, but many of them have started to change colors and fall to the ground.  Instead of letting all those leaves go to waste, why not use them to have a little fun with your kids?  Here are some ideas:

1.  See who can find the biggest and the smallest leaves. 
2.  Let each child collect a handful and glue them to a piece of paper to make a leaf collage. 
3.  See how many different types of leaves your kids can find.
4.  Lay a group of leaves around an area and them stomp on them to make noise.
5.  Trace the leaves onto a piece of paper (use greener leaves for this).
6.  Sort a group of leaves into piles.  Sort by color or shape (depending on age).
 7.  Place a green leaf under a sheet of paper. Use the side of a crayon (wrapper off), to rub the paper over the top of the leaf.  The print of the leaf will show up on the paper.  
8.  Crumple dry leaves into a bowl. Create a design on a sheet of paper with glue.  Sprinkle the leaf crumbs over the paper and let dry.
9.  Hold leaves up high.  Drop them, one at a time, and count how long it takes to fall. 
10.  Rake them into piles and let your kids jump in them!

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