Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hair Tie Organization (Up-Cycling)

All you parents of girls out there- please tell me that my girls are not the only ones with a chaotic drawer in the bathroom filled with hair ties, clips, etc.  Despite organizing them, they always manage to dump them out ALL OVER THE DRAWER.  Sound familiar?

I'm currently packing up my house to move in 1 week, and I came across a whole bunch of old prescription bottles.  I thought they would be perfect for up-cycling.  I peeled off the labels, and then, with the girls' help, sorted all of their different hair clips and ties into different bottles.  They were pretty excited about it.

Here's the bonus part.  Besides having a super clean drawer, these are child-proof ;)  They don't know that yet.  There will be no purposeful dumping out of the hair ties for fun (by my 2 year old), and no accidental dumping out of the hair ties when my 4 year old can't find the matching colored tie to her shirt.  Yay!

What have you up-cycled lately? 

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