Saturday, June 23, 2012

Re-Growing Celery

Did you know that you can re-grow celery?  Neither did I!  I recently learned of this fun little fact and so I bought a stalk of celery during my next grocery trip so my kiddos and I could try it out.

First, you need to cut off the bottom of your stalk of celery (I cut mine about 4 inches up).  You can save & use the rest of the celery as normal.  Place the base of the celery (the part you cut off) in a bowl of warm water to get it started.  After a few days, you are supposed to transfer and "plant" the celery base in the dirt (you can cover up to the edge of the top, or even the entire thing).  I, however, have been so busy that I keep forgetting to do this.  Mine has sat in water for about 10-12 days (I refill the water as needed).  Here is the celery at about 4-5 days:

It grows from the middle!  I never expected that.  In fact, I kept waiting to see the individual celery stalks start to stretch taller!  Here is is at about 7-8 days (I forgot when I started the process, so my days are just estimates):

And here it is at 10-12ish days:

Look at those leaves!  You can see the itty bitty stalks starting to stick up, too.  I really need to put it in dirt, but having it on the counter has been SO FUN for the kids!  They love checking it out and feeling the new leaves.  They don't really like celery, but this has been a really fun experiment for them!

Once it grows nice and tall, you can just cut it off from the top to use as needed.  How cool is that?  

In my eagerness to try this out, I totally forgot about the rest of the celery in my fridge and it went bad ;(  

I'll update you in a couple weeks when it's nice and tall!  

Have you ever re-grown a vegetable?  I've heard that you can do it with several different veggies.


  1. You can do that with green onions too!!

  2. My sister in law told me about the green onions. Only thing is...ready for my confession.....I've never even bought green onions before. Gasp. I know. It's terrible, but I just don't really enjoy them! Maybe I'd buy them, though, for an experiment for my kiddos!



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