Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frugal Fun: Make a Birds Nest

Ever find some birds nests in your trees?  My kids love looking for birds nests and they even get to see the eggs sometimes!  If your kids enjoy the birds nests as much as mine do, they may enjoy this simple and frugal fun project.  

Have you kids collect sticks from around the backyard (front yard, park, etc.).  Make sure they get a lot of sticks in all shapes and sizes.

Once they have collected plenty of sticks (just like a momma bird would), let them make some mud!  Mix dirt with water and let them stir away to make a nice, thick texture.  

Have them mix the mud in with the sticks and form a nest shape.  Older kids will be able to do this just fine (one of my kindergarten students did the one in the above picture), but younger kids will need some help.  

Let the "nest" dry outside in the sun.  Once dry, your child can use plastic eggs, pine cones, etc. as pretend eggs for the nest!  

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