Sunday, July 1, 2012

We're In

In case you were wondering where I've been this last week as I dropped off the planet Earth, I've been moving.  We are now settling in.  If my husband asks me one more time about the positioning of the couches in the living room, I might cry.   We finally have internet, which is the most important part of "settling in" don't you know?

To those of you who helped: A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!  We seriously could not have done it without you.

Moving in the midst of Ben's knee surgery was ca-ra-zee.  I'm exhausted, and this will be short.  I just wanted you to know that, yes, I am alive.  And no, I did not forget about my beloved blog and readers. Be patient with me.  I might just sleep for a week.  Or at least until the next child pops out of bed for a drink, potty break, extra hug, a lost binky, or for re-flattened blankets.


  1. You are amazing. I am going to find you a present.

  2. I like presents. I'm a gifts love language person. And he did ask about the couches again, in case you were wondering. Note to self for the next time we move: move couches & set up internet FIRST. All else can follow at a leisurely pace.

  3. For realz you deserve a target gift card at the very least, or massage somewhere?



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