Monday, September 3, 2012

Homemade Uncrustables

Fact:  Most kids love PB&J's.  
Fact:  Most kids do not love crust
Fact:  All kids want to be the cool kid with an Uncrustable Sandwich
Fact:  No mom wants to be the broke mom who paid a ridiculous amount of money on those babies, day after day.

Well then, now that we've got the basics covered, let's move on.  All three of my children enjoy PB&J's for lunch.  They never eat the crust, and I hate getting my hands all sticky making those sandwiches several times a week.  I've owned a Pampered Chef Cut & Seal for several years, and I use it all the time!  Did you know that you can freeze those sandwiches?  Place them in their lunch box in the morning and by lunch it will have defrosted!

My #1 tip: Coat both sides of bread with peanut butter.  It will keep the jelly from making the bread soggy.  

I make a whole bunch of these at once, freeze them in baggies, and then pull them out on sandwich days during the week.  I keep them all in this yellow Dollar Store bucket in my fridge to keep them organized.

Now, if you do not own a Cut & Seal tool, you can use a circle cookie cutter and then use the prongs of a fork to seal around the edges...a bit more work but it would get the job done ;)

Save yourself some money, and try making your own Uncrustables this week!


  1. those are pretty good! fact: husbands like them too ;)

  2. haha. Well, I might add an addendum to your fact to add that "husbands who are fond of Peeps and all things Little Debbie like them too". Because I don't think Ben would ever even WANT to eat one of these, but I can completely see Dave eating one daily! lol



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