Monday, November 19, 2012

10 Weeks to an Organized Christmas: DIY Doll Hat from an Old Sweater

Today's post in the 10 Weeks to an Organized Christmas series is a super simple and frugal tutorial on how to turn an old sweater and some yarn into a hat for a baby doll.  This is a perfect little stocking stuffer for a girl.  My 3 year old has been using her little brother's hats for her baby lately, but they are all too big and so she gets frustrated.  I figured I'd make her a baby doll hat for Christmas that is all her own! 

I used an old sweater that I was going to get rid of to fashion a new hat for her baby for Christmas.  First, choose an old sweater and the baby you will be using.   Then, starting from the bottom ends of the sweater, cut an oval-ish shape that will be a little long for the baby's head, and about a half inch wider than you would need to allow space for sewing the two pieces together.  Keep in mind that most sweaters are stretchy and that you may want the hat a little on the tighter side so that it stretches to fit the baby's head and will stay on nicely.  See the picture below:

Then, you are going to want to turn those two pieces face-side in (inside out), and stitch around the rim of the material.

Continue sewing around the outside until it is secure: 

Now, flip the hat right-side out, and make a little rim.  You can fold it up once, or flip it twice if you don't want to see the edges.  I just folded it up once:

Using a zig-zag stitch, sew evenly around the rim of the hat to hold the rim in its place.

Try the hat on your doll.  You should have some space at the top like below:

Using a strand of yarn, pinch the excess at the top of the hat, and tightly knot your yarn around it.

Tie a bow.

Take your scissors and cut the top portion into strips.  Voila!  You have your very own baby hat!  And yes, I realize that my rim is a little uneven...hmph..but my 3 year old will never notice! 

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