Monday, November 19, 2012

10 Weeks to an Organized Christmas: Christmas Kids Books

My kids LOVE books, especially my 5 year old.  Over the years, we have accumulated quite the Christmas/Winter book selection.  I keep our winter & Christmas books ready for reading in this cute little Merry Christmas basket!   I'm going to share my favorites with you here today!

My hands-down favorite book for Christmas time is actually a book for me that I use with and for my kids.  It's called the ADVENTure of Christmas: Helping Children Find Jesus in our Holiday Traditions.

As far as my favorite Christmas book to read to my kids goes, Santa's Favorite Story is my #1 pick.  It is a book in which Santa tells his favorite story-the story of Jesus!  If you've ever wondered how to allow your children to still have the fun of Santa while making sure they know the REAL meaning of Christmas, this book is a MUST.

This is the Stable is written like "This is the House that Jack Built".  It is all about the stable, dusty and brown, in Bethlehem town, where Jesus was born.  I love the pictures of this book and rhyming and repetition are especially loved by my 3 year old.

You may remember The Mitten by Jan Brett from your childhood-I know I do from mine!  It is a traditional Ukrainian tale with authentic, beautiful pictures.  After reading this book, create a mitten template from construction paper, punch holes around the edges, and allow your children to "lace up" their mitten with yarn.

The Hat is the original companion book to The Mitten, and it is also by Jan Brett.  This one, however, is based on a Scandinavian farm.  

If your children love the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, then they will fall in love with Jan Brett's The Three Snow Bears.  We even have this book on CD and my girls (and my kindergarten class) love it!

Snowmen at Night was a recent addition to our winter book collection.  It is about what snowmen do while we sleep, and explains why they look different or disfigured (ahem, melted) the next day!  So much fun, and written in a great little rhyme!  Teach your child to trace by giving them different circular objects and having them trace out a snowman!

Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm The Gingerbread Man! The repetitive line allows for even the youngest kids to join in repeating the story as you go!  Follow up this super cute book by making gingerbread cookies with your little ones!  

Mooseltoe is a follow-up book to the Moostache book!  It is such a fun book!  Make a mistletoe craft out of paper after reading this book.  Giggles will happen!

The Snowy Day, winner of the Caldecott medal, is great for those snowy days!  Use the book as a starter point for talking about how snow has to stay cold or else it will melt.  Play with ice cubes on the counter and watch them melt, or if there is snow, bring a snowball inside on a plate and time how long it takes to melt!

Written like "The Night Before Christmas", The Night Before the Night Before Christmas is a really cute little book about a family running around crazy trying to get everything done.  In the end, nothing works out, but it's okay because they realize Christmas is about love, not stuff.

Do you have any favorite Christmas/winter books?  What are your favorite Christmas books that help teach your child about Jesus?  What are you favorite snow/weather books?  I'm always looking for new ones to add to my collection!

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  1. Jan Bret, is one of our favorite authors too! the illustrations are so great.. thanks for the book lists!

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