Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY: Fleece Scarf tutorial

Want to make a super cute, easy, and cheap scarf for someone on your gift list?  How about a fleece scarf?!  I bought the above material to make pajama pants for my girls, and I had extra material when I finished so I made a couple scarves.  (If you are looking for an online, super inexpensive fabric store with great prints, I LOVE Girl Charlee).

First, measure out the length you want your scarf to be.  You can drape a measuring tape around your (or your child's) neck and measure down to the length you'd like your scarf to be.  Then decide how thick you'd like the scarf to be.  It's a good idea for kids scarves to be a little narrower than an adults scarf.  Cut out two identical pieces of fleece.

Next, Zig-Zag stitch straight down the middle, from end to end.  Be sure to back stitch at the ends to ensure that it does not come undone.

Lastly, use scissors to slice into the sids of the scarf.  Be certain not to cut the stitching in the middle.  

Voila!  A new scarf!

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  1. we still have the fleece scarves you made. every time i see them surface around this time of year, i think of what a great preschool teacher you were and how thoughtful to make all the kids scarves.

  2. Have you ever tried tying the strips I think they would be neat

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