Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY: Hang a Felt Basket Using an Old Curtain Rod Hook

I love felt boards.  I love them for story telling, spelling practice, and just for fun.  My kids love them, too, but they could never keep track of their pieces, and thus, the board often sat unused.  If you don't already have a felt board, you'll want to check out my DIY felt board tutorial HERE.

We currently have a ton of curtain rods in our garage that have not found a purpose since moving into this place about a year ago.  Those curtain rods all have little hooks that screw into the wall to support them.  These are perfect for hanging a little basket!

I simply screwed the hook through the board and into the wall.  Make sure it's nice and sturdy, and then hang a little basket on the hook.  This yellow basket is from the Dollar Store!  Place all your felt pieces inside.  

Our board gets a lot more use know that the kids know where to find all their felt pieces!  

Wasn't that easy and frugal?  A Dollar Store basket, a screw, and a hook from an unused curtain rod!  Voila!  

Need some felt pieces for your board?  Check out my posts to make apples & a tree, money, pizza, and bananas for some easy beginner felt projects!

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