Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Make a Passion Tea Lemonade

Besides Chai, a Passion Tea Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks at Starbucks.  But, as with chai, I have an issue with actually buying it from Starbucks as I can make it so easily at home (and at a fraction of the cost).  The frugal me shouts YAY! for all things homemade.  I've been making these at home for the last couple summers.  They are just so good!  Want to make one, too?  

All you need is to buy a box of Tazo Passion Tea.  Most stores seem to carry the Tazo brand now (the same brand Starbucks uses & sells).  But, if you can't find it at your local store, you can buy a box of it at a Starbucks location (you just may pay a little more, but it's still a great savings).  Then, you need lemonade.  

So, for a recap, the Passion Tea Lemonade has 1) Passion Tea and 2) Lemonade.  Ha!  So simple, right?  

I buy lemonade packets at the Dollar Store.  You can buy Crystal Light brand or you can also buy a more natural lemonade such as the Simply Lemonade ones.  I find that the packets work best for me, go the furthest, and are shelf stable.  They are just the easiest in my house.  If you buy a pre-made lemonade, however, you should note that you will probably need to add some simple syrup (heat 1 cup sugar & 1 cup water on the stove until dissolved, cool and refrigerate) or other sweetener as it will not be sweet like a Starbucks one.  The packets have the sweetener in them, so they serve as an all-in-one ;)

How to Make a Passion Tea Lemonade

1) Boil water
2) Steep 1 tea bag of passion tea
3) Fill a glass cup to the top with ice
4) Sprinkle approximately 1/3-1/2 packet of Crystal Light type lemonade over ice
5) Press on tea bag with a spoon to get all the flavor out
6) Pour hot tea over ice
7) Stir
8) Add a lemon for good looks
9) Go outside, put your feet up, and sip away

If it is not sweet enough, add some more of the lemonade packet.  If too much of the ice melts when you pour the hot tea over the top, add a few more ice cubes until your tea is nice and cold.  

*One bag of tea usually makes 2 cups of Passion Tea Lemonade.  

Enjoy your frugally delicious Starbucks drink!

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