Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to School- Best Deals of the Week: Staples

This week's Staples Trip- only $6!

Since childhood, back to school sales made me giddy.  Well, I guess when I was a kid I didn't really think about the "sales" part of it, but I loved shopping for new school supplies.  I have always loved school.  

As a teacher, then parent, and now a homeschooling parent, I have always been a little overly excited when the back to school sales roll around.  I aim to stock up on all supplies that I may need for all of my children for an entire year.  Since most things range in the $.01-$.25 range during this time of year, it is a very feasible feat.  

If you don't have children who need school supplies, may I encourage you to purchase some of these great deals and bring them to a local school for a child who cannot afford his supplies?  There are plenty of children and families who would appreciate the help.

Each week, I look through each of the office type store ads.  This is usually Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples.  If there is only 1 or 2 "great" deals at a store, I skip it that week.  I hit whatever stores have the best deals and I buy as many as their limits allow (often only a couple of each item).   

Teachers-be sure to ask about teacher limits, they are often MUCH higher at some of these stores!

If you have to choose one place to shop this week for the best deals, I suggest heading to Staples!  Here are some of the best deals in the ad (check their ad for your zip code online, sometimes store's vary by location):

2 Pack Sharpie Markers: $.25, limit 2
Bic Pens, 8 pack: $.25,  limit 2
1 Subject Notebooks: $25, limit 5
Filler Paper: $.50, limit 5
Bic Dry Erase Fine Tip 4 pack: $1, limit 2

There are some other really great deals in there, too, but these were my favorites and what I specifically went there to stock-up.

Also of note, Walmart has pretty low prices on back to school supplies, not just this week.  I usually buy all of my markers there.  They sell the Cra-Z-Art brand there for $.50 per pack.  And, as a former preschool and kindergarten teacher, I can tell you that there was never any difference in the kids who had Crayola markers and the kids who had this brand...they all dried up at the same time.  Crayons are a whole different story-buy Crayola!


  1. I totally agree. Some things can't go generic: toilet paper, tissues, crayons.

    1. Agreed! Although, I actually think Costco brand t.p. is pretty fantastic. I do buy the cheap crayons at this time of year when they are $.01-.05 per box because really, Aaron just uses them to throw or snap in half anyway. But for ACTUAL coloring, you know, the kind where you make things look pretty, it has to be Crayola.



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