Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Printable Reading Journal/Log

My daughter Ellie is my little book worm.  At 5 years old, she reads at a second grade reading level, finishing books like Junie B. Jones in just a week's time.  She loves it.  While we do have "together" time for reading, she mostly reads on her own.  I will often peek in or listen over her shoulder when she's reading aloud to check her progress, but she reads a lot during rest time.  She usually "rests" and reads for an hour each afternoon on her own (this is my quiet time, so I don't typically check on her reading).  

Thus, the need for a reading journal/log.  We have been utilizing a reading log for the last few months (she read 100 books from mid-May to mid-June!), but I needed something with a little more detail to check her comprehension.  It also serves as a check for handwriting (which needs improving).

It is super basic, including just the date, a place to list what books she read, and a place to tell about what she read.  We print the journal sheet on both the back and front of each sheet of paper to avoid waste.  One side = one day.  Then we 3-hole punch it and put them all in a folder with fasteners in it.  

This folder is kept where she rests, and she is expected to utilize it every day.

Looking for a simple sheet to print to create your own reading journal/log?  Here's the one I made.  Feel free to print it!

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