Monday, September 2, 2013

Ordinal Number Match File Folder

If you are working on ordinal numbers with your kiddo, try out this file folder game to help them practice!  

To Make It:

1.  Cut out 2 each of 10 different colored triangles (or squares, circles, etc.).
2.  Use packaging tape to tape down one each of the triangles to a file folder.  
3.  Underneath the two rows of triangles, draw a long line.  Add numbers along the line to match up with the order of shapes (top row 1-5, bottom row 6-10).
4.  On the second set of triangles, write the ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc).  I made mine to match up color-wise, but you do not have to do it that way.
5.  Cut out 10 short strips of paper to fit on the lines below the triangles, and write out the names of the ordinal numbers on each (first, second, etc.).
6.  Laminate the second set of triangles and the word strips to ensure they last.

7.  On the front of your file folder, be sure to add a pocket so that your pieces can easily be stored.

This file folder is appropriate for kindergarten and first grade students / homeschoolers.

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