Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Walmart-The Happiest Place on Earth (Especially on a Holiday with Four Kids in Tow)

See these pretty little burlap stockings?  I'm making them for my family.  I'm mimicking some that I saw on Etsy, but instead of paying $130-150 for all six, I'll be spending less than $10 total.  

I bought all these cute little ribbons and embellishments (all at Walmart for super cheap), but originally neglected to buy some fabric glue (like liquid stitch or fabri-tac).  Not to worry, though, I had some at home.  Oh wait, it turned out to be three years old and all dried up.  

So.  Since I needed some other necessities, too, (how is it that we always run out of everything at the same time?), I decided to load up all four children and head out to good 'ol Walmart!  It's really like the happiest place on Earth, you know.  Especially on holidays.  With four kids.  Give it a try some time.  

Once arriving at Walmart with my circus children, I headed straight for the fabric department and before doing anything else, I grabbed my fabri-tac stuff.  Except not that brand.  Because it was at least $3 more expensive than the cheaper brand they sold which had all the same verbiage advertised on the front.  And I'm frugal.  Anywho, in the cart it went.  

We moved onto the baby department: binkies (my dog keeps eating them and the ones he doesn't get to I seem to conveniently run over with the car), baby bath wash, baby lotion, baby powder.

Then we grabbed dog food, oohed and ahhed over the fish, and headed to grab food groceries.  

Ellie spent 5 minutes deciding if she wanted purple or pink frosting for her birthday party cake, and we headed to the register (let me inform you that it was decidedly pink before hitting the cake aisle, and still ended with a "pink" decision after a 5 minute deliberation).  

It was a holiday.  This means that although every line is ridiculously long, they put up the "Lane Closed" signs faster than Aaron can eat a handful of jelly beans.  So we waited patiently, bought our groceries, loaded up the cart, made it to our car, and headed home.

This is where the kids all uploaded the bags and put stuff away like good little helpers, and I searched only for my fabric glue stuff.  Only it wasn't there.  And it wasn't put away in the cabinets and it wasn't put away in my bathroom.  

Checked the receipt..nope.  Not on there.  Seriously?  Seriously?  No, really....seriously!!!!  Of course this happens to me. 

And so, my friends, guess what I'm not working on today?  My stockings.  


  1. Noooo!!! Kids make me such an airhead shopper. Plus their idea of helping is different than mine. If kids see something fall out of the cart they seem more likely to kick it under a shelf and call it a good deed since no one will trip on it now.

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