Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pool Noodle Rain Makers

Spring is here, and that means summer toys have arrived at the Dollar Store.  Pool Noodles are great for so many different activities, and they are also frugal!  These rain makers are super simple and fun to make with the kiddos, and perfect for Spring!

You will need:
*Pool noodle
*Popcorn kernals or beans 

What to do:
*Cut pool noodle.  We cut ours into about 8-10 inch long pieces.
*Cut out pieces of paper large enough to cover the ends.  
*Tape one end of each tube closed using the paper and tape.
*Pour in about 20 popcorn kernals (or whatever you're using for sound).
*Use another piece of paper and tape to seal the other end.

*Insert toothpicks through the outside of the pool noodle.

*Trim off the extra bits of toothpicks that may be sticking out so that they don't poke your children.
*Voila!  You now have a rain maker.  Turn it up and down to hear sounds!

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